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Anyone wanting to schedule a lesson will need to contact Bob at (304) 415-3902. Please reference the Update from 5/22/20 for all protocols our TVTC family will need to follow.

UPDATE 5/22/20 –  To
 my TVTC Tennis Family!!

I know all these rules seem ridiculous, but they are what we are going to have to live with for a while.  Unfortunately, we are not living in the same world we were 3 months ago!  Please know that we don’t like this any more than any of you do but PLEASE, PLEASE adhere to these new protocols so we can remain open.  I want all of us at TVTC to stay healthy and safe!  We love all of you and ask you to please make our jobs easy by conforming.  We won’t want to, but we will be forced to ask anyone not following these guidelines to leave so TVTC can remain open.

I am adding new guidelines into this list as they come about so there is ONE set of rules/restrictions instead of repeating anything and possibly causing any confusion.  

Unfortunately, we can NOT accept credit cards or cash until this is all over.  The only form of payment will be via check anytime throughout the month or at the end of the month.  
*** PLEASE stay current on your bill, we are having a hard time financially as well due to the months of not being able to be open.  


– Don’t touch the door handles.  The bathroom doors must remain propped open and only one stall and one sink are open in the women’s restroom.  
– All soap and sanitizer dispensers are touchless, just place your hand under them.
If you need to use the restroom, you must exit through the side door and re-enter from the steps at the main door. Only one person can use the restroom at a time and it will be sanitized after each use.
– All students are not to touch any tennis balls unless they are practicing their serve. 
– Tidy Courts – There are no drinks allowed on tidy courts, they must be all put on the ground next to the tennis posts
– ALL teachers must use a glove on their non-dominant hand
– Students and anyone using the courts can choose whether or not to wear a mask as it is a personal preference.
– NO ONE can stand at the entrance of the club.  Absolutely NO ONE can be in the lobby or upstairs. 

We will try and keep court times on the hour and half hour.  Private lessons will be staggered times.  We have to have time to sanitize in between ALL lessons and then get lessons checked in.  You may check-in 5 minutes before you are scheduled to play.  You must leave the inside of the club immediately when your lesson is over and absolutely NO ONE comes in to help pick up balls. 
***  If you are planning court time, you can not bring your own balls or use any of the cart balls.  We will put balls on your tidy court at the net posts.  No drinks allowed on the tidy court, they must be on the floor.  There will be no scorecards to use at this time, sorry.
FOR ALL JR PLAY – all must pay for court time at $15/hour until everything opens back up.  The same rules about the balls apply; no cart balls, must get a new can from the club.

– It won’t be like it used to be.  If you are coming for court time or lessons, you can come 5 minutes before your scheduled time starts.  You will come to the front door, have your temperature taken, your tempature miust be between 97 and 100.4 degrees, and answer these 5 questions:


Employee/Customer screening:  Screen all employees/customers reporting to TVTC for COVID-19 symptoms.

1.  Temperature checks. o Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
2.  Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?
3.  Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
4.  Have you had new loss of taste or smell?
5.  Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

If you have a temperature or answer yes to any of the questions, you will not be permitted to come inside the club.  When you get to the door, if there is someone in front of you, you will need to wait at the bottom of the steps until that person gets checked in.  Once they pass through, they will go to the doorway leading to the courts where you will be assigned to a court.  Then the next person can enter.  

– When entering the courts, on the right side under the defibrillator, is a hand sanitizer stand.  Everyone needs to use the sanitizer!  It is touchless – just put your hands under it, sanitize, then proceed to your court.
– We are going to adhere to the social distancing protocol:

*** Absolutely no persons (Moms, Dads, etc.) are allowed in the club to watch the play sessions or the lessons.  NO ONE IS PERMITTED IN THE LOBBY OR UPSTAIRS UNTIL THIS WHOLE PANDEMIC IS OVER. Unfortunately, this goes for small children as well.  If your child can’t handle this restriction, they will have to wait until everything is lifted to start back with their lessons.  PARENTS CAN bring them to the front door, ask any questions you may have, and come pick them up at the side door when they are finished.
-You must take your water and bags to the court with you.  No personal items such as these or anything else can be left in the lobby or against the wall on court one.  You must take all of your belongings with you to the court you are practicing on.
– At the end of your time, you will exit the club from the left side, the side Bob teaches on, and go out the side door there.  We are working to get the walkway completed as soon as possible now that we must use this side door for more than emergency and maintenance as before.  We apologize for this inconvenience as we weren’t prepared for any of us to use this door regularly. 

Click the video below for a visual of entering and exiting the building.

Keep checking this site as there is a lot more to come!

Thanks to all our Tennis Family,

Please contact Bob Mooney (304) 415-3902 if you have any questions or concerns.


5/20/20 – To my TVTC Family,
We are opening on May 26th!!! I filed a complaint on Monday with the Governor’s office and with or without his blessing, we are going to open! In a couple of days we will update you here on the website to let everyone know what to do!
Thanks, Bob
5/13/2020  UPDATE:  TVTC Family.  Our Governor has set us back yet again.  He was supposed to open everything on May 21st so we could reopen the club.  Instead, he did nothing to help us.  It now looks like it will be the beginning of June before he will allow us to start back. We are ready and eager to get back to teaching! I don’t know why he isn’t letting us work and practice since we were going to be following all of the required guidelines he had set forth.  I don’t feel we are a hotspot for Covid-19.I assure you all, as soon as he allows us, we will be open!  We have almost everything we need!  I will be working on all of the new protocols so I can get them out to you! I, like so many of you, need to get back to work so we don’t lose the club that we have poured our heart and souls into for so many years! Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you soon!
Sorry, Bob

5/10/2020: Happy Mother’s Day to our TVTC family!  We had an employee meeting on Thursday evening to discuss the reopening plans for the club.  We had Krispy Kreme donuts that went over way better than the USTA protocols that are going to be put in place. All of the employees, including myself, are excited to get back to work. In doing so, we can get into the club and get all that rust knocked off! I am hoping we will get to reopen before the end of the month!  I hope all are safe and ready to get back on the court! The protocols from USTA will be released soon!
Stay safe and get ready,

5/06/2020: Greetings to all of our awesome tennis family here at TVTC!  I know this Covid-19 virus has been hard on us all and I know everyone wants to know when we are going to be able to reopen.  Unfortunately, the Governer stated that we must remain closed until at least May 18th, 2020 and will update us again then. We have been having regular calls with USTA to make sure when we do get to reopen, we can keep our members safe and healthy.  The rules and regulations are going to be tough at first but as time goes by, we will begin relaxing and it will seem like the new normal! TVTC is going to  have an internal employee meeting on May 7th to update staff on progress. We will continue to keep you all updated here on the website as we get new information about reopening! Stay well and hope to see you soon!

3/27/2020 – Unfortunately, TVTC must remain closed due to the continuing pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.  We are forced to follow the President’s guidelines and remian closed until at least April 30th, 2020.  We will assess the situation at that time assuming the Stay at Home order will be lifted and we are allowed to open our doors!  If anything changes in the meantime, please come here to our website to see our most recent updates available. Thank you to our great tennis family and we hope you are all staying safe!
See you soon!
3/16/2020 – With our deepest apologies, TVTC has made the tough decision to follow the CDC’s requests and close the tennis club through March 27th due to the mass spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). TVTC’s top priority is and always will be the health & well-being of our teammates and tennis family, so we feel this is the safest option for everyone. This closure will go into effect Monday, March 16, 2020 through Friday, March 27, 2020 and then, we will re-evaluate and make a decision if it is safe to re-open.

Teays Valley Tennis Center is a privately owned club designed for use by members and their guests. Located in the heart of Teays Valley, it has been serving the Putnam, Cabell and Kanawha Counties for over 20 years.  We are located right off the Teays Valley exit on I-64, nestled perfectly in between Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV.  Click here to see a map for directions!  Whether you are interested in private or group tennis lessons, we offer activities for every age and ability.

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